Villa Borghese Set

The Villa Borghese lines are named after the rooms of the Borghese Gallery and are a tribute to Rome’s Renaissance and Baroque art: expressive Caravaggio (multicolor), elegant Michelangelo (green), soft Dafne (white), sunny Paolina (yellow), oriental Apollo (blue), passionate Scipione (red). Alongside Apollo, the new Apollo Bianco was launched in September 2019, with a slightly different décor.

Piazza del Popolo Set

The Piazza del Popolo collection is named after a Roman landmark, at the heart of Roman everyday life. It is inspired by simple Italian artisanal pottery traditionally decorated with copper green dots. Coralla Maiuri has reinterpreted and decorated it in an original, personal and elegant key, characterized by dots of different colors inside a unique golden crackled rim.


Unique pieces

Coralla Maiuri is an artist who has been working for many years with different materials. Her recent production includes ceramics where she expresses freely her creativity.

Her vases look like fairytales and yet familiar. Their earthy surfaces, golden stains, graphic signs, colored brushstrokes, iridescent surfaces spark a lively resonance.