Coralla Maiuri is a prolific creator of objects. She is impatient with repetition and expresses herself in complete freedom. In the Corallina collection there are joyful flecks of gold and clouds of mother-of-pearl, with biblical donkeys, red mushrooms and long wild plants, evoking organic life. It is a cheerful and playful collection, as is in Coralla's nature. They are free, ageless gifts for a newborn baby, for a wedding, for a friend and for a loved one's birthday.

Livia's Garden Vases

The 'Livia’s Garden' collection is inspired by the famous fresco dedicated to the wife of Emperor Augustus. Livia was tough and ruthless, but her garden is poetic and gentle like an Eden. The vases have an essential and primal design, and the mouth of the vase opens to give flowers the freedom to spread as they wish. Coralla's candelabras are inspired by classical Roman monuments, such as the obelisks that dot the city.

Unique Mugs

Coralla's mugs are collector's items. Shaped by Coralla Maiuri, they are handcrafted with the finest porcelain and entirely hand-decorated. Coralla's mugs are special because each one is designed by her. She creates many delicate, fantastic, and cheerful decorations. They are a delight to behold, along with the earthy sensation on their surface that is a pleasure to touch. Each one is a unique work of art.

Coral Songs Vases

The name Coral Song is inspired by the coral decoration that appears on the vases. This collection draws inspiration from some of Coralla's traditional themes: corals, wheat spikes, lotus flowers, mushrooms, and donkeys. A breath of the countryside is always present in her work, as are childhood memories. The vases are available in light blue, pink, yellow, and green. The vases are handcrafted in Italy with the finest porcelain.


Either filled with cool drinks or as a flowerpot, the jug is a cheerful presence in the house. Launched in 2021, the jugs are available in two sizes, regular 3pints/1.5 liters, and small 2 Pints/1 liter. They come in five different decors: Dreams, Landscape, Green, Blue, Pink.

Marco Polo Vases

The Marco Polo collection comes in four enamel colors: blue, red, green, white. The color is emphasized by a rich, elegant golden decor reaching all the way to the rim, dotted with small white yellow and red silicon inserts. There are two variations, the pearl and light blue vases, that are entirely decorated with luster and dotted with silicon inserts. The Marco Polo vases are hand crafted in Italy from the finest porcelain.

Coralla's Vases

Coralla's unique vases are entirely handcrafted and hand-decorated by Coralla herself. Made from porcelain, they come in various sizes, with a conical shape and an oval mouth, richly adorned with vibrant colors both inside and out, with some featuring a wide golden band around the outer edge.


Coralla's special set of shot glasses includes 6 small glasses decorated with colored enamel and finished with a small golden band on the rim.