The small plate that everyone takes in hand, around the world, several times a day; which contains food that we eat or offer; that we have washed, dried and stored for centuries and millennia, follows us as faithfully as the sun’s sphere. In my work, atavistic memories of a rural past intersect with beauty to create something unique, like a diamond shimmering on the naked ground.

Villa Borghese

First introduced at Milan Design Week 2018, the Villa Borghese Collections are named after the halls of the Borghese Gallery and are a tribute to Rome’s Renaissance and Baroque art: expressive Caravaggio, elegant Michelangelo, soft Dafne, sunny Paolina, oriental Apollo, passionate Scipione. The new Apollo Bianco was launched in September 2019, with a slightly different décor.

Piazza del Popolo

Introduced for the first time at the Milan Design Week 2018, the collection takes its name from a historic location in Rome. At the heart of Roman daily life for many years, Piazza del Popolo has been a meeting place for artists. In Rome, more than one carnival was celebrated, the most important of which took place in January, and all processions invariably ended with a grand celebration right in Piazza del Popolo. Over the centuries, everything was thrown into the air to celebrate here: lime, pozzolana, gypsum, anise, colored eggshells, flowers and seeds, and until the Renaissance, coriander flowers covered in colored sugar. The Piazza del Popolo collection is inspired by simple Italian artisanal ceramics, used in kitchens ranging from the humblest to the royal. Coralla Maiuri has reinterpreted and personally decorated it, characterized by dots of different colors inside its exclusive crackled golden border or alternatively, with a drop-shaped golden border.

Four Seasons

Introduced for the first time at the Milan Design Week 2018, the Four Seasons collection is inspired by the wheel of time. It evokes fresh spring flowers, the warm summer sun, tree branches covered in moss in autumn, and the bright, cold light of snow in winter. The colors are pink/green in spring; light blue and yellow in summer; dark green and pink in autumn; and pink, white, and light blue in winter. The dominant motif is a spiral, symbolizing time and rebirth.

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