The Piazza del Popolo collection is named after a Roman landmark, at the heart of Roman everyday life. It is inspired by simple Italian artisanal pottery traditionally decorated with copper green dots. Coralla Maiuri has reinterpreted and decorated it in an original, personal and elegant key, characterized by dots of different colors inside a unique golden crackled rim.


Expressively decorated with big red, yellow and light-blue splotches, like symbols of free-moving human passions that are contained and underlined by a large gold rim with classical references.


The small explosion of living matter from the green light in the center of the plate is a dance of crystals and gold nuggets all around the yellow background. Pauline is light, she is sunshine, she is gentle, determined, elegant and in love.


Material and earthy, like the great Renaissance Master’s work, it conveys classical beauty and elegance thanks to green shades with a light pink center, golden and green punctuation and broad golden rims. The soup and dessert plates are offered also with a full green and gold décor.


A narrow pink and blue dotted rim surrounding a broad, delicate golden decor of stylised flowers; the center is white with subtle light blue, pink brushes and golden dots with sprinkles of black.

Apollo Bianco

We are led into a fairytale and oriental world with shades of blue lapis lazuli. The golden decor underlines a blue rim and a broad white shade, while the center is punctuated by multicolor dots. The soup and dessert plates are also available with a rich, deep blue decoration interspersed with golden dots.


A brilliant Africa red rim surrounded by a golden decor; at the center very delicate splotches of pink and light blue with sprinkles of golden dots, or alternatively a passionate full décor where red and gold intermingle finely. The soup and dessert plates are offered also with a full red and gold décor.