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Coralla Maiuri


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Coralla Maiuri is a Roman artist and designer, recognized for her capacity of mixing a world of vibrant colors, light and forms into artistic objects thought and imagined for everyday use.

versatile artist and designer

"My primary language is accompanied by a precious aesthetic, like a gem sparkling on a beaten earth floor. My plates, and everything I create, are an encounter between the golden vitality of Roman Baroque and my childhood memories of the countryside."

Since 2017, Coralla Maiuri has also been an artisanal company based in Rome, founded by Coralla and her husband Filippo, with the collaboration of a small group of young artists and artisans, as well as their sons.

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Wonder is what happens when you step into an unknown world, that will leave you speechless

Luxury Ceramics and Tableware

Coralla Maiuri is a luxury brand of tableware, gifts, and unique pieces based in Rome, characterized by a refined and contemporary style. Every prototype is conceived and painted by Coralla herself making each piece unique, to be cherished and collected.