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“My primary language is accompanied by a precious aesthetic, like a gem sparkling on a beaten earth floor."

Coralla creates porcelain that seems to fall from the sky or emerge from the earth. Plates, bowls, pitchers, vases, jars, and centerpieces preserve the memory of the Lazio countryside where she lived as a child, the aesthetics, and the energy of the Baroque, which silently influenced her when she lived in Rome as a young person.

Since 2017, Coralla Maiuri has also been an artisanal company based in Rome, founded by Coralla and her husband Filippo in collaboration with a small group of young female artists and artisans and their sons.

"My primary language is accompanied by a precious aesthetic, like a gem sparkling on a beaten earth floor. My plates, as well as everything I create, are an encounter between the glittering golden vitality of Roman Baroque and the memories of the countryside dating back to my childhood.”

Among the Roots of Color: The Visionary Art of Coralla Maiuri

Coralla was born in Mexico to an Italian father, a screenwriter, and a Polish mother, the actress Irasema Dilian. She spent her childhood in the countryside of Lazio and later attended high school in Rome. From a young age, she demonstrated an innate talent for working with clay and oil colors. Her works are full of color, with iridescent reflections, almost like landscapes of the soul, emanating a pure and intimate light. Her artistic style combines various forms of expression, including porcelain, fabrics, silks, and precious metal applications, creating an interweaving of a visionary world that combines fashion, art and design.

Before fully dedicating herself to art, Coralla engaged in various activities first as an actress, then as a journalist and author of a TV program. In 2000, she exhibited her works for the first time in Rome. Her creations, ranging from installations to porcelain pieces, always reveal a touch of countryside, nature, and earth, with the presence of deer, cows, and sheep that appear here and there, almost ethereal and light. The pastel colors, embellished with golden and opalescent accents, give her works a milky and fresh luminosity.

"No piece is ever identical to another; in its splendid imperfection, each object radiates a unique and magical essence."

Our Workshop

Our creations are imbued with an enchanted aura, brought to life through the love and dedication of our Italian artisans. With skill and passion, each piece is delicately hand-decorated, giving birth to true works of art. A fairy tale touch envelops every single product, turning it into a fragment of a dream materialized under the skilled hands of our craftswomen. Porcelain, noble and precious, becomes the soul of these creations, carrying with it the tradition and elegance typical of Italian craftsmanship. Every detail takes shape through the dedication of our artisans who, with patience and expertise, make our creations unique and inimitable. Among these marvelous and refined creations, the perfect sigh of the artistic soul emerges with elegant irregularity. 

Subtle variations in decoration and delicate shades of color gracefully weave through the lines, revealing the unattainable character of each work. Their singularity is an ode to the beauty of tiny imperfections, a tribute to the ever-changing nature of dreams. And as you immerse yourself in this enchanted world, you can feel the heart of each creation pulsating with its own vitality, conveying an intimate and profound connection. With our creations, we offer you the opportunity to own a fragment of magic, a trail of fairy tale that embraces your space with refined consistency. Each piece is aninvitation to journey into the world of art, where dreams take shape and become reality.