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Villa Borghese

Introduced for the first time at the Milan Design Week 2018, the Villa Borghese Collection takes its name from the rooms of the Borghese Gallery and pays homage to the Renaissance and Baroque art of Rome. Let yourself be captivated by its plates with borders adorned with strokes and marks in gold, summarizing and transforming distant Baroque and Renaissance forms.

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Apollo Bianco_Rim Bread Plate D17
Apollo Bianco Bread Rim Plate Sale price€110,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco Chubby Mug Sale price€105,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Coffee Cup & Saucer 7cl_2Apollo Bianco_Coffee Cup & Saucer 7cl
Apollo Bianco Coffee Cups & Saucer Sale price€155,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Dessert Coupe Plate D22 BlueApollo Bianco_Dessert Coupe Plate D22
Apollo Bianco Dessert Coupe Plate Sale price€120,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Dinner Coupe Plate D27
Apollo Bianco Dinner Coupe Sale price€155,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Fruit Bowl D13x5H_2Apollo Bianco_Fruit Bowl D31x5H
Apollo Bianco Fruit Bowl Sale price€95,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco Large Mug Sale price€115,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Oval Platter D41x28HApollo Bianco_Oval Rim Platter 31x22
Apollo Bianco Oval Rim Platter Sale priceFrom €240,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Rim Charger D31
Apollo Bianco Rim Charger Sale price€260,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Rim Platter D36
Apollo Bianco Rim Platter Sale price€440,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Salad Bowl D28x8H_2Apollo Bianco_Salad Bowl D28x8H
Apollo Bianco Salad Bowl Sale priceFrom €150,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco Small Bowl Sale price€90,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Soup Coupe Plate D22Apollo Bianco_Dessert Coupe Plate D22 Blue
Apollo Bianco Soup Coupe Plate Sale price€125,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Teacup & Saucer 10cl_2Apollo Bianco_Teacup & Saucer 10cl
Apollo Bianco Teacup & Saucer Sale price€165,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Teapot Large 100_2Apollo Bianco_Teapot Large 100
Apollo Bianco Teapot Sale priceFrom €180,00 EUR
Caravaggio_Rim Bread Plate D17
Caravaggio Bread Rim Plate Sale price€120,00 EUR
Caravaggio Chubby Mug Sale price€130,00 EUR
Caravaggio_Coffee Cup & Saucer 7clCaravaggio_Ø11,5 Coffee Cup & Saucer
Caravaggio Coffee Cup & Saucer Sale price€140,00 EUR
Caravaggio_Dessert Rim Plate D22
Caravaggio Dessert Rim Plate Sale price€145,00 EUR
Cravaggio_Dinner Rim Plate D27
Caravaggio Dinner Rim Plate Sale price€225,00 EUR
Caravaggio_Fruit Bowl D13_5H_2Caravaggio_Fruit Bowl D13x5H
Caravaggio Fruit Bowl Sale price€150,00 EUR
Caravaggio Large Mug Sale price€155,00 EUR
Caravaggio_Oval Rim Platter D36x24Caravaggio_Oval Rim Platter 31x22
Caravaggio Oval Rim Platter Sale priceFrom €320,00 EUR
Caravaggio_Rim Charger D31
Caravaggio Rim Charger Sale price€350,00 EUR
Caravaggio_Rim Platter D36
Caravaggio Rim Platter Sale price€520,00 EUR
Caravaggio_Salad Bowl D28x8H_2Caravaggio_Salad Bowl D28x8H
Caravaggio Salad Bowl Sale priceFrom €235,00 EUR
Caravaggio Small Bowl Sale price€140,00 EUR
Caravaggio_Soup Coupe Plate D22
Caravaggio Soup Coupe Plate Sale price€190,00 EUR
Caravaggio_Teacup & Saucer 10cl_2Caravaggio_Teacup & Saucer 10cl
Caravaggio Tea Cup & Saucer Sale price€230,00 EUR
Caravaggio_Teapot 60cl_2Caravaggio_Teapot 60cl
Caravaggio Teapot Sale priceFrom €195,00 EUR
Dafne Bread Rim Plate
Dafne Bread Rim Plate Sale price€95,00 EUR
Dafne Chubby Mug Sale price€120,00 EUR
Dafne_Coffee Cup & Saucer 7cl_2Dafne_Coffee Cup & Saucer 7cl
Dafne Coffee Cup & Saucer Sale price€155,00 EUR
Dafne_Dessert Rim Plate D21
Dafne Dessert Rim Plate Sale price€135,00 EUR
Dafne_Dinner Rim Plate D27
Dafne Dinner Rim Plate Sale price€165,00 EUR
Dafne_Fruit Bowl D13x5H_2Dafne_Fruit Bowl D13x5H
Dafne Fruit Bowl Sale price€130,00 EUR
Dafne Large Mug Sale price€145,00 EUR
Oval Platter 36 Dafne Dafne_MG_9686-ModificaDafne_Oval Rim Platter 41x28
Dafne Oval Rim Platter Sale priceFrom €255,00 EUR
Dafne_Rim Charger D31
Dafne Rim Charger Sale price€285,00 EUR
Dafne_Salad Bowl D28x8H_2Dafne_Salad Bowl D28x8H
Dafne Salad Bowl Sale priceFrom €170,00 EUR
Dafne Small Bowl Sale price€120,00 EUR
Dafne_Soup Coupe Plate D22
Dafne Soup Coupe Plate Sale price€140,00 EUR
Dafne_Teacup & SaucerDafne_Teacup & Saucer 10cl
Dafne Tea Cup & Saucer Sale price€195,00 EUR
Dafne_Teapot Large 100_2Dafne_Teapot 60cl copia
Dafne Teapot Sale priceFrom €205,00 EUR
Michelangelo Bianco_Bread Plate D17
Michelangelo Bianco_Coffee Cup & Saucer 7c
Michelangelo Bianco_Dessert Coupe Plate Ø22P506AK23G_Michelangelo-Bianco_Dessert-Coupe-Plates_Cream-Enamel_scaled
Michelangelo Bianco_Dinner Coupe Plate White Enamel Ø27