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Apollo Bianco

Handcrafted in Italy with the finest porcelain, the Apollo Bianco line transports us to a fairy-tale and oriental world. While the center is dotted with multicolored points, the shades of lapis lazuli blue evoke the magic of Eastern tales. A fairy tale unfolds with small playful nuggets of gold, green, red, and blue that float in the bright sky surrounded by a precious golden halo and a blue border. Soup and dessert plates are also available with a rich dark blue decoration interspersed with golden dots.

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Apollo Bianco_Fruit Bowl D13x5H_2Apollo Bianco_Fruit Bowl D31x5H
Apollo Bianco Fruit Bowl Sale price€95,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Teapot Large 100_2Apollo Bianco_Teapot Large 100
Apollo Bianco Teapot Sale priceFrom €180,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Teacup & Saucer 10cl_2Apollo Bianco_Teacup & Saucer 10cl
Apollo Bianco Teacup & Saucer Sale price€165,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Salad Bowl D28x8H_2Apollo Bianco_Salad Bowl D28x8H
Apollo Bianco Salad Bowl Sale priceFrom €150,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Oval Platter D41x28HApollo Bianco_Oval Rim Platter 31x22
Apollo Bianco Oval Rim Platter Sale priceFrom €240,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Rim Platter D36
Apollo Bianco Rim Platter Sale price€440,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco Small Bowl Sale price€90,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Rim Bread Plate D17
Apollo Bianco Bread Rim Plate Sale price€110,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco Chubby Mug Sale price€105,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco Large Mug Sale price€115,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Rim Charger D31
Apollo Bianco Rim Charger Sale price€260,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Dinner Coupe Plate D27
Apollo Bianco Dinner Coupe Sale price€155,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Soup Coupe Plate D22Apollo Bianco_Dessert Coupe Plate D22 Blue
Apollo Bianco Soup Coupe Plate Sale price€125,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Dessert Coupe Plate D22 BlueApollo Bianco_Dessert Coupe Plate D22
Apollo Bianco Dessert Coupe Plate Sale price€120,00 EUR
Apollo Bianco_Coffee Cup & Saucer 7cl_2Apollo Bianco_Coffee Cup & Saucer 7cl
Apollo Bianco Coffee Cups & Saucer Sale price€155,00 EUR