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Luxurious and cheerful, the Florida collection was launched in 2023. It is inspired by the American state famous for its strong character and colorful heritage. Each line is characterized by a color. They are inspired by some of the most famous places in Florida, recalling its beaches and its sunsets, stretching between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

Palm Beach pink, Miami orange, Amelia green, Naples yellow, Crystal tourqoise, Islamorada lavender.
Each plate is decorated with a lightly colored center interspersed with multicolor dots. The rim is richly decorated golden leafs. The charger, tea and coffee cups have are decorated with a golden net- The dessert plates and teapots have a distinct design characterized by golden rays crisscrossing their surface.

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Crystal Fruit Bowl 13x5Crystal Fruit Bowl 13x5_2
Crystal Fruit Bowl Sale price€90,00 EUR
Crystal Straight Coffee Cup & SaucerCrystal Straight Coffee Cup & Saucer
Crystal Straight Teacup & SaucerCrystal Straight Teacup & Saucer
Crystal Straight Teacup & Saucer Sale price€105,00 EUR
Crystal Teapot Classic RESIZEDCrystal Teapot Classic_2 RESIZED
Crystal Teapot Sale priceFrom €160,00 EUR
Crystal Teacup & Saucer copiaCrystal Teacup & Saucer
Crystal Tea Cup & Saucer Sale price€115,00 EUR
Crystal Coffee Cup & Saucer copiaCrystal Coffee Cup & Saucer
Crystal Coffee Cup & Saucer Sale price€90,00 EUR
Crystal Salad Bow 23Crystal Salad Bowl 28
Crystal Salad Bowl Sale price€130,00 EUR
Crystal Oval Platter 31
Crystal Oval Rim Platter Sale price€175,00 EUR
Crystal Bread Rim Plate 17
Crystal Bread Rim Plate Sale price€65,00 EUR
Crystal Dessert Coupe Plate 21
Crystal Dessert Coupe Plate Sale price€95,00 EUR
Crystal Soup Coupe Plate 21
Crystal Soup Coupe Plate Sale price€115,00 EUR
Crystal Dinner Coupe Plate 27
Crystal Dinner Coupe Plate Sale price€135,00 EUR
Crystal Rim Charger 31
Crystal Rim Charger Sale price€220,00 EUR