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Confetti Soup Coupe Plate

Sale price€180,00 EUR

The Confetti plates are an explosion of red, blue, orange, and yellow, just like the confetti that has been fluttering in the sky during triumphs and celebrations since ancient times. There is joy, cheers, excitement—you can almost taste the sugar, vanilla, splashes of liquor, and hear the creaking of carriages. The exclusive crackled golden rim emphasize the elegant white with the lively decoration of red, yellow, and blue confetti in the center, or alternatively, the decoration covers the entire surface with a bright yellow center. Dessert plates are available in various color shades, patterns, and with an alternative drop-shaped golden border.
Confetti_Soup Coupe Plate D22 White Craquelé Edge
Confetti Soup Coupe Plate Sale price€180,00 EUR